(this does not work on copylocked places)

When downloaded, it will have no proper file name. Make sure to rename the file as a .rbxl file.
Created by Gev using Roblox's API.

Why use this instead of Roblox's?

With my place downloader, you can download earlier versions of uncopylocked places which could let you discover previously lost versions of Roblox games.

Sandy Place by Morgan McGuire (2006?)

Sandy Place by Morgan McGuire (2022)


1. This downloader can only download uncopylocked places or places you have access to.
2. The place versions only go back to 2008 so 2006-2007 games would only be available if the place was not updated until after 2008 or at all.
3. The file names of the places are just unreadable nonsense. You will have to suffix the file with ".rbxl" for it to be recognized as a Roblox file.