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Getting a new PC

I recently got a new PC (a pre-built but it's still pretty good) and it came preloaded with some strange programs. For some reason, Microsoft Office 2007 was included despite the operating system running was Windows 10. Other than that, the other programs preloaded were pretty normal. Nvidia Drivers, Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat. I'm one of the few people that uses Microsoft Edge unironically so Chrome is just another choice when Edge isn't working properly.

Another thing a found strange about my new PC was when I installed Adobe apps. If you don't know already, I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos and I thought the file paths from a project I was working on, on my old PC would break due to incorrect file paths but somehow it found all of the files required for the project and worked (almost) perfectly. The only problem was that one of the fonts wasn't installed on the new PC. It wasn't a big deal because the substitute font actually looks pretty cool.

The FPS boost in games was immediately noticeable. I went from 20 to 30 FPS using Minecraft shaders to 80 FPS. I also was able to run Halo Infinite multiplayer at a smooth 60 FPS (albeit at minimum settings but the game still looks awesome)

In conclusion, GTX 1650's are really good.

Cool stuff that I made:

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